Check out this cake I made my papa:

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by yoshi, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. yoshi


    Jul 12, 2002
    England, London
    Look at this cake-to-end-all-cakes.

    Beleive it or not, it took almost 3 hours to make :D

  2. yoshi


    Jul 12, 2002
    England, London
    Number 2, of 2:
  3. Pause


    Jun 4, 2003
    Miami, FL
    Hey, a Motorhead shirt. Cool.
  4. Sweet!!!:p
  5. nice cake, but that scary dude with the cake has got to go;) :D
  6. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX
    If not then it was a miserable failure.

    brad cook
  7. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    Good Eye there!

    Yoshi, don't breathe on that cake too much! That's a good lookin' cake by the way.
  8. Matthew Bryson

    Matthew Bryson Guest

    Jul 30, 2001
    I think that is Yoshi's dad that is breathing on the cake. He must be a pretty cool dad, with the Motorhead shirt and all.

    Yoshi - good job on the cake.
  9. Thor

    Thor Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    I didn't realize you two were related.
    Guess he wasn't too happy about 40,
    was he ...


  10. That is a nice looking cake, what kind of filling is in the middle?

  11. my guess is that its bubonic plague filling. i mean, just look at JT's face :p
  12. yoshi


    Jul 12, 2002
    England, London
    It's jam ('jelly'), blackcurrant to be precise. I planned to put in some canned cream too but when I opened the lid I was greeted by a cylindric mound of defiled carrion :/ not too apetising to say the least!

    The cake tasted pretty gnarly actually..I'm hoping he'll attemptto bake me one (he used to be a chef) for my 19th in a week or two!
  13. I can go for some plague cookies, but not in a large cake. :p

    Yoshi, sorry for the hijack - it really is a nice looking cake. ;)

    Mike :cool:
  14. Robert B

    Robert B Supporting Member

    Jan 21, 2000
    Hampton, Va USA
    You have a lucky Dad... ;)
  15. ChildoftheKorn


    May 21, 2003
    one of the funniest things ive ever seen and sorry yoshi your dads creepy :D
  16. yoshi


    Jul 12, 2002
    England, London
    That hurt, coming from a Kron fan...

    I jest, chill winston.

    But yeah, he is a bit wierd...and loves motorhead!