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Check this band out

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Cams_Anthem, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Great Aussie Band

    The Grand Silent System.
    Google them to get some samples off their site or but some of their recordings (they have 3) you want be dissapointed. I could see John Turner digging it :p
  2. if you want great aussie band goodness, get into skunkhour and Directions In Groove
  3. Against Will

    Against Will Supporting Member

    Dec 10, 2003
    Big Sound Central
    If you want a Great Aussie Band

    Then you want Radio Birdman

    And you want it baaaaaad.
  4. book him danno
  5. i love d.i.g.

    i played "the favourite" for my VCE music exam. futures has a great bass line too it. Skunkhour is damn good too.
    For a great drum and bass duo, check out sydney band "the bird"
  6. the favourite is an awesome song....

    for my hsc i played portrait of tracy, the awakening, higher ground and easily...i scored 69/70 for the prac...then 10/30 for theory/aural skills :D
  7. i did music group performance instead of solo at VCE. wish i did solo aswell. Your like me. A for performance, C for aural and theory. Maybe i should have gone to the theory classes aswell as prac :eyebrow: ??
  8. yeah..funny thing..i played pianio (horribly) up until year 11 where i switched to bass...an when i was playing piano my theory was top notch.....then when i started to play bass it completly flipped flopped...my prac became awesome when my theory dropped like a sack of crap..but oh well..its ballencing out now..

    so you only had 1 performance?
    we had to do 4 things...1 was set for performance and the other 3 we had a choice of a viva voce, performance or composition
  9. it was group performance but we had a set criteria.

    eg, one jazz standard, contempory, ballad, then we could choose or own. We did the favourite, killing me softly, some type of ballad, passenger and an original ska sorta thing. Was ok, crap singers tho, but that was another story, can kick a singer cos their crap when its their VCE subject. but we got marked individually so it was ok
  10. I thought Boom Crash Opera was the shizzy. :bag:
  11. Go Boom Crash!!

    Anyone want to come to my bands CD Lauch Friday the 5th!!!??? love the support. Melbourne people only. Unless you want to fly in :D
  12. wanna pay for my ticket?
  13. Yeah, and you guys got Ganga Giri, that guy is amazing on Didj.
  14. yeah sure man, first class. i'll even put you into the hilton for a couple of nights, plus $1000 spending money. :rollno: :)
  15. sweet...ill be looking forward to it :D