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Cherry Burst F Bass BN5

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by nonsqtr, May 30, 2004.

  1. nonsqtr

    nonsqtr The emperor has no clothes!

    Aug 29, 2003
    Burbank CA USA
    As promised, here's a pic. BN5 with lightly spalted top and birdseye fingerboard. Nice bass. I just sold an earlier model BN5, so I can probably justify this purchase. Won't be so easy with the other one though. Argh. "Help me, I think I'm falling, in love with you"... :)
  2. elros


    Apr 24, 2004
    Proprietor, Helland Musikk Teknologi
    My eyes must be filled with tears. I can't see clearly - colors are nice, but it's all shiny and hazy.... :oops:


  3. nonsqtr

    nonsqtr The emperor has no clothes!

    Aug 29, 2003
    Burbank CA USA
    "Don't eat the brown acid"...

    This bass is very agressive sounding. The birdseye gives it a tremendous attack, you can pluck the heck out of the strings and it sounds wonderful. Currently it's set up with MTD strings. I can't stand the LaBella's that come stock with F basses (they hurt my fingers). But I'm thinking maybe Ken Smith Rock Master Mediums, what do you think? What are you guys using on your F basses?
  4. No fair! You can't acquire two completely awsome basses in the same week!
    This one is a looker if I've ever seen it. I love the Cherry Burst.
    As far as strings go, if you're looking for tapor cores, I like the Ken Smith Customs the best. My Fbass that I just acquired came with Dean Markley SR2000's. I ordinarily hate Dean Markley strings, but these strings sound and feel really nice.
  5. rojo412

    rojo412 Walnut is fun! Supporting Member

    Feb 26, 2000
    Cleveland, OH.
    Nice "Bling Bling" photography on the bass!

    I am looking into one of these and also dislike the Labellas in general. If I were putting some strings on, I'd try Ken Smith Tapercore. I have tried those on all of my basses and was VERY impressed with them. They last an incredibly long time, they sound phenomenal, and the tapercore would not only allow sustain, but would be easy to set up with the bass (seemingly) designed around a tapered string.
  6. inazone


    Apr 20, 2003
    very nice! I bet the birdseye neck would sound good. I just got my F bass yesterday from jugghaid. Nice basses. Ive ran the DM sr2000 strings on my modulus and love the sound but I keep breaking the E and B strings. Im going to try them on the F bass and see how that plays out.
  7. adrian garcia

    adrian garcia

    Apr 9, 2001
    las vegas. nevada
    Endorsing Artist: Nordy Basses, Schroeder Cabs, Gallien Krueger Amps
    congrats. i have to say again, F Basses are truly amazing...
  8. MikeBass

    MikeBass Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2003
    Royal, Oak, MI.
    Oh man!!
    You guys are killin me!!
    See my poll thats just now running!

    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Staff Member Supporting Member

    Very Nice axe, congrads :bassist:

    AMJBASS Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    Sweet F man! I love the Cherry Burst on an F-Bass.
  11. wyliee


    Jul 6, 2003
    South Hill, WA
    I used Rock Masters on my BN6 for quite some time. I switched over the Dean Markely Will Lee's and liked the greater output and punch. However, they were really rough on my fingers. I've got the La Bella's on there now and have been liking them. I might go back to the Deans though. Check them out.

  12. Jerry J

    Jerry J Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2000
    P-town, OR
    Ok, I'm the weird one in the bunch. I just love the LaBella SuperSteps. It was a bit strange at first but now that is all I will run on my BN5. I find them quite comfortable and I love the tone. My last set lasted more than 6 months before going dead.

    I just wish that the F Bass verson of was as inexpensive as the standard LaBella's.
  13. I gotta ditto that one Jerry, I tried quite a few different brands (rotos,DRs, thoms, etc) but I always come back to the La Bellas. I too wish that they were a tad cheaper for the custom gauges, but in a pinch when I can't wait for mail from Canada, I'll use the regular set, I can get them in Montreal for real cheap!
  14. Jerry J

    Jerry J Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2000
    P-town, OR
    I haven't been that adventurous. I liked the string right off, which was strange because I was so against SS strings at that time. I haven't even tried anything else other than the SuperSteps.

    I actually think that the custom gauge sounds better. Of course I can't imagine George F. making an issue on spec'ing them unless they did sound better.

    Hopefully George will start selling these through some of his dealers here in the US. I think that there are a few F Bass owners down here south of the border. ;)