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  1. I need the intro to, "Does anybody really know what time it is"?
    I just cant hear the notes because of the mix with the brass.
    All the tab site just show the chords and no intro.
    Can any one help?

    :crying: :crying: :crying:
  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    The bars before the Shuffle section?

    If so, I'll try this by going bar--by-bar(sorry, no TAB)...

    Bar 1(Note: Tune begins on the "& of 1")
    l-GG_FFFDl All played on the "D" & "A" strings

    Bar 2
    lGGG_EbEb_-l 1st note = "G" on the "E"-string; the rest are played on the "D" & A" strings.

    Bar 3
    lDAD__ADAl All played on the "A" string

    Bar 4
    l-BbBb_AbAbAb_l All played on the "E"string

    Bar 5

    Bar 6
    l1_______l = a WHOLE note
    Note : F# on the "E" string

    Bar 7 is in 5/8 time
    lF_____C_F_l Played on the "A" & "E" strings

    Bar 8 is in 5/8 time
    lG_____A-G-l Played on the "A" & "D" strings

    Bar 9 = Bar 7
    Bar 10 = Bar 8
    Bar 11 = Bar 7
    Bar 12 = Bar 8

    Bar 13 is in 3/8 time
    lEb_____l Played on the "A" string

    Bar 14 is in 3/8 time
    lBb_____l Played on the "D" string

    Bar 15 is in 4/4 time
    l1_______l = WHOLE note
    lEb_______l Played on the "G" string

    Bar 16 is in 4/4 time
    l______--l = a TIED Dotted 1/2 note from the previous bar
    Note still = lEb_____--l Eb being sustained from the previous bar.

    Bunch of gobbly-goop, huh?
    Hopefully, this can point you in the direction you want; I have always loved playing the tune. The ending is no picnic, either.
    Good luck!
  3. JimK,
    I was at the ends of my rope.
    I will give it a try.....I know what you mean about the ending !