Chicago Saturday in the Park

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  1. Skorzen


    Mar 15, 2002
    Springfield MA
    Hey I am looking for a transcription of Chicago's Saturday in the Park. Preferably not in tab form, but I could live with tab if thats all you have. thanks.
  2. EarnestTBass


    Feb 3, 2015
    .....14 years later someone responds. Never give up hope.

    I had to learn this song for a gig a couple of weeks ago. I started with the full band score that Hal Leonard publishes ($25 and worth it if you play many Chicago tunes) Since it was contained on 15 pages, I first put it together with handwritten notes. Then the song was cut and we did not even play it. I was aggravated at first, but oh well, I will know it for next time.

    Today, I used my day off work to learn how to use Muse score, which produced a much easier to read transcription. Warning- I took liberties. I do not claim to improve on anything Peter Cetera played. There are a few variances from the original recording that suited my own style and fit how my band plays it. Otherwise, it's 95% accurate.

    This is a partial and inadequate repayment to TalkBass for all of the advice and help I have received from this site and Talkbassers.

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  3. dtripoli


    Aug 15, 2010
    I too had to learn this song about 5 years ago w/o benefit of tab or notation.
    Just by ear from the recording and checking out youtube videos.
    I learned it adequate enough then, *BING* band decides to drop song before ever playing it.
    Developed quite an appreciation for Peter Cetera's skills.
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    Jan 2, 2015
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    Oh man, you should have waited until the 4th of July to resurrect this thread.