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  1. 48woody


    Nov 25, 2012
    Hello; I am new here. I am not a bass player, play a little guitar. However I am a carpenter and make furniture as a hobby. A good friend asked if I might try to build him a fretless , long scale bass, this winter. I have some ideas about design, but would really appreciate some advice/opinions about pup's and wiring. He would use mostly for jazz. Though he usually plays his upright for this. He is also in a R&R band. I know a bit of difference in sounds. any suggestions about brand, models. active/passive. I was thinking along the lines of humbucking instead of single coil. Also interested in wiring. My 6 string regular guitar has coil tap, and phazing. what are your opinions on these wiring options. also though I would have separate controls for V/T for each pup. My 6 string has caps soldered on tone to modify them does this work well on basses. Thanks for any input, I know I asked alot without much info on what the bass will be