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Choices, choices. (Euphonic Audio, Ashdown, EBS)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by GrooveWarrior, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. So, I've had the Ashdown the longest, but have hardly ever used it. Maybe 30 hours over the last 15 years. It's one of the original ones made.

    The EA has been my main amp for a number of years (a 350 before this), and it just feels like home. Plus it has so many features I love.

    I just got the EBS a few weeks ago, and am liking it way more than I thought I would. I thought it would only do the zingy slap thing, but with the mids boosted, it sounds fantastic. It just has a really great voicing, and is a quality amp.

    I love that the EA and EBS are stable down to 2 ohms. I'm currently contemplating cabinets. I use a GK Neo112, and a 410 cabinet.

    No questions really, I just thought I'd post my current situation. I'm a little torn between the EA and the EBS. I've played EA so long, it feels like I'm cheating and that I shouldn't like the EBS as much as I do. ;-)


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