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    Jun 23, 2016
    Actually I have a Yamaha bb415 bass which broke ,pickup selector ,6 months ago .in my coubtry finding another pickup aelector is so hard do and I can't buy it from other country or Amazon do to tax and ...
    In iran there are some toggle switchs that have two position.
    The person who repair guitars recommend choose one of that switch and actually choose between 3 postionpostionp that which one I don't want .
    The pickups are p and j .
    So my opinion
    I should choose which two I want .
    Recommend me which one should I choose ?!
  2. Hi, sorry to hear that your 415 is broken. I have it too, and my switch died fast also.

    Do you have potentiometers available (same as volume)? If yes, you could make a Volume-Volume-Tone setup, this way you will not loose functionality.
    You could also make Volume-Blend-Tone but blend potentiometers may be really hard to find.

    If I have to choose I would go with 1 - P and 3 - PJ.
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  3. wishforbass


    Jun 23, 2016
    That's good idea ,tomrowo t I will go search around coty to find a volume.
    I couldn't find blend in last search I had.but searching for volume maybe do the job .
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    I agree with ELynx. My choice would be Volume-Volume-Tone. That gives you all options, and it's easy to get the parts to do it. If you really prefer having a switch, I would choose P-PJ.
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