Choosing 1 new bass, Yamaha TRBX174 or Cort action plus?

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  1. Handsome


    Jan 9, 2018
    Hello friends, this is my first post in Talkbass.
    I used to play electronic guitar, but I sold my Jackson MIJ about 5 years ago.
    62071_428829016761_5304472_n.jpg 5740_109843346761_3814923_n.jpg
    And I just fixed up my wife's old Samick bass, it's a neck-thru mahogany bass, 24 frets.
    but it's really not my thing, the reasons are too heavy, and the neck is too thick and wide.
    Actually I also tried the crap bass in music store, that was too much better than this Samick.
    So I've checked for a while to see what kind of beginner bass is good for me.
    My guitar teacher thinks I can go for Yamaha TRBX174, good quality music instruments.
    I have tried it in music store, the weight is light, the neck is comfortable for my hand.
    passive PJ pickups.
    BTW, I live in Taiwan. TRBX174 costs 8800 NT.
    The 2nd option is Cort action plus, active PJ. I like the blue one.
    That music store is on sale now, so this Cort bass costs 7700 NT.

    Anyways, I'm going to get 1 from these 2 in February.
    I hope the first bass I get can be with me for very long time, even if I buy the better one in the future. (which means the neck quality is well.)
    The music styles I like about are X-Japan, Loudness and Guns N' Roses.
    Kinda old school music taste.
    Thank you for taking times to read my post.
    Which one would you go for if you were me?

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