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Choosing a bass need help!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Ka_Ve_86, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. I have been looking into buying a new bass for sometime no and everytime i look i find one i am intrested in, i dont have much cash so i dont want to break the budget.

    I am looking for a great sounding very playable and great finishbass i want the whole package!

    I have looked at Sadowsky, Lakland, Bass Collection by SGC Nanyo, Yamaha, Peavey you name it but there is alot of basses out there to choose from

    Any suggestions
    Please help me find my dream bass :bassist:
  2. The usual questions:

    - How much do you have
    - What style music do you play
    - What are you looking for in the bass (soundwise)

    We need at lease that much info to even begin giving suggestions.
  3. Peter Ferretti

    Peter Ferretti

    Jun 7, 2005
    The Fender basses you can use for any style. Period. I Take my P bass and go play jazz, then the same night take the same bass and go to a punk rock gig. I enjoy playing the first one more, but thats a diffrent story. Along those lines are the G&L basses. They are amazing. Simply Amazing. I could give you more advise if you want, but more specifics are needed. There are others on this board much more knowlegable then I.
  4. I Study Most styles, But mostly play Rock, Alternative, But also i love and prefer to play funk R&B, So i am looking for a bass that is very versatile for most genres.

    I have around $1000 U.S
    But hopefully can pull some more cash but i am on a very tight budget
  5. At that price, youve got lots of options.

    Youve got American Fenders, Lakland Skyline (What I would personally go for) MM Stingray/Sterling, MM Bongo, Spector Rebops, among others.

    If you go used, you can get something even nicer. But from what Ive heard, and in my experience, the Lakland is one of the most versitile basses in that price range, and that it gives the best "bang for the buck" in the price range also.

    When you start getting in this price range, what you get is more of a preference decision, not what is crap and what isnt. So the absolute best thing would be to out and play what you can.
  6. I have looked at spectors, and laklands the problem being were i am there hard to find and the prices are expensive for me anyway.
    I have fantastic reviews about spectors, and have played a couple but also laklands look fantastic and i have heard that there very versatile, i just want to find something really special bass playing is what i am about and i want a bass that will a blessing to pick up and play everytime
  7. I would look in the used market as well. If you want a more aggressive tone, I'd look at a used Warwick Thumb. If you want ultimate versatility, look at the Peavey Cirrus and Lakland Skyline. The Peavey will probably be the nicer of the two. Find a place in the states that will ship to you. I would recommend Bass Northwest and Bass Central.
  8. syciprider

    syciprider Banned

    May 27, 2005
    Inland Empire
    What everybody said + Music Man Ray or Sterling.
  9. BartmanPDX

    BartmanPDX Supporting Member

    There's a really nice red Lakland DJ on the 'bay right now. You might not find a better bass under $800 anytime soon. If you're interested in versatility, the 44-02 is a great bass, with a MM-style pickup at the bridge for growl, and a J-style pickup at the neck for oomph. There's also a 44-02 deluxe on the 'bay, as well.

    Musicmans are a really good choice, too. Not quite as versatile (unless you go Bongo), but an incredible tone that's still very usable in a variety of situations.