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Choosing between 2 old cabs

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Fathead, Apr 6, 2001.

  1. Hey, y'all. I'm a new member who just came back to bass after a few years lost in the wilderness. I'm playing a fretless 5-string, and I need a good cheap cab (under $250). I intend to play blues, classic rock, and whatever anyone wants me to play, wherever (maybe bars or small halls if I'm lucky) . I'm pretty well set on buying a used Peavey head (~300w) for the $/watt factor, and I want a cab that will sound decent. So far I've located these two:

    1. Enclosure from an Ampeg b410, head removed, loaded w/Eminence speakers. Unit has been re-covered w/carpet and looks ok. No wheels or towelbar (could I add these without hurting the sound?). I've played on this one and it sounds good. Haven't put a lot of power through it yet though (need to get specs on the speakers).

    2. Old Ampeg 810, cab rough but original w/good speakers (speaker originality unknown). I haven't played through this one but the seller assures me it sounds good.

    I'm taking any and all suggestions on these two. Can the b410 box carry my low notes in a larger room? Is $200 too much for this contraption? Can I add casters w/out hurting the sound?

    I don't need the sound of the 810 but it sure appeals to my ego. I've only owned small combos before, and I'm not sure I'll like hauling that monster around.

    Thanks for any ideas. If I can't justify either of these cabs, I'll have to settle for a single 15" for the time being.

  2. 8x10 All you got to know.


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