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  1. i have really gotten in to the music of h.i.m / h.e.r. but my problem is no matter what i cant write stuff like it, every thing i start playing comes off liek stupid candy pop punk(happy).
    like i wrote this song for my freind that just died,and liek its allso the way i been feeling, and every thing else.but every thing i have come up with is to happy.
    can u guys help me out, can u sugest a chord progressions, or any tips writing a slow,kinda sad love song.

    yes i know d is the sadist key(is that true)

    sorry if i sound dumb iam just really mad,and i wanna finsh thing song.
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    Sorry about your friends death. How about a blues progression:

    | C | C | C | C |

    | F | F | C | C |

    | G | F | C | C |
  3. Thor

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    Typically, the minor keys have always given the tone to sadness, with a sprinkling of majors to perk them up.

    12/8 time in majors can have a sad tone, listen to
    Otis Redding - I've Been loving you too long'

    and you'll see a well orchestrated song that begins on a sad tone, and drives thru.

    If RESPECT is on the same disk, you'll get a nice dose of Donald 'Duck' Dunn on both songs

  4. thanks for ur help so far, can any one else help me out, more chord progression,or just tips on wrighting a sad song.

    also if it helps iam trying to write a kinds slow stright 8ths type of bass line(i really dont know how to desribe it or if it even has a name)just simple slow 8th notes, listen to the h.i.m
    song's to get a idea what i saying.

    .... join me, Bury Me Deep Inside your Heart,
  5. help please.
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    Truly sorry about your friend.

    How 'bout trying something in the key of Am (or at least using the chord)? Although Dm is more dark and distressing Am seems sadder. They say A is the key of love so add the minor and you have a sad love song.

    If you're just writing it in straight 8th notes I think it would be a good idea still to allow some space for the line to breathe.
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    Sorry about your news. But if the song is something that you are writing to express your emotions and try to make sense of what's going on, I don't don't if we can be of that much help. Though we sympathize with you, we can't feel exactly the way you feel. Even if we have suffered through the loss of a loved one, the loved one is different for each of us, and the hole that is left is different as well.

    My advice is to you listen to music that somewhat encapsulates what you feel. Get the elements of that song that trigger the feel you want, and then incorporate them into your song. Also, listen to what's going on inside of you. Sometimes you don't know how you feel or don't feel anything at all. Once you can get a grip on some things, you will find a reservoir of inspiration. Inspiration makes a player better regardless of the level of ability.

    I know that this reply isn't entirely on the topic of instruction, so I hope the MODS can forgive me. Anyway, enough my broke psychobabble. Get out and work on yourself and work on your tune. Good luck
  8. i just need some ideas like some chords to use, and chord progression's. alos how do u knwo what jey ur playing in, i been told some many things i dont knwo any more.
  9. Thor

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    Did you mean how do you know what key you are playing in?

    That question is well beyond the scope of this thread, or forum. You will need to spend some time studying the basics of music, and acquiring the tools you need to be a literate musician.

    My analogy today is the house painter. Our discussion is what color to paint the house, or what mood should it be set to. You just asked me:
    'What is color? How do I paint, what's a paintbrush?' We can't discuss the nuances of major vs minor chords or major chords and their related minor chords unless you have a BASIC grasp of chord construction. You need to learn the difference between a major third and a minor third in order to go there.

    We can only converse if we have a common language,
    sorry I can't help you more then.