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Discussion in 'Ask Michael Dimin' started by Si-bob, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Hi mike

    I was just wondering when the second of your Chordal approach books is coming out? And when/if it does, will it include some of your transcriptions of famous tunes, for example, i'm really looking forward to having a lookand listen to your arrangment of "3 Views Of A Secret".


  2. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin

    Dec 11, 1999
    Clinician: EA, Zon, Boomerang, TI. Author "The Art of Solo Bass"
    One of the big issues about book 2 is getting license to use all that material. I just found out that a major publisher is interested. There are contracts to work out as well as song licensing issues, etc. I let you know more as I can. Thanks for the interest.