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  1. Mike,

    First off I think you have elevated the art of bassplaying to a new high.To be honest I have scanned some of your works but ....*sigh* they are beyond me(at this point)as I have only been playing for a bit more than a year and self taught at that.

    Can you outline or name a few common or more often used bass chords for me? I would like to start becomming accustomed to playing them and see if I can utilize them in the songs I already know or some learning/fooling around for personal growth.

    Currently I am not able to afford lessons :( but have that as a goal.


  2. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin

    Dec 11, 1999
    Clinician: EA, Zon, Boomerang, TI. Author "The Art of Solo Bass"
    Thanks you for your kind words!

    Forgetting the argument of how many notes make up a chord, start by playing double stops - or 2 notes at the same time. On bass play them up at the 12th fret or higher. Try to infuse them into your already hip bass lines. Here are a couple of cool sounding double stops:

    Root and 10th (the tenth is the 3rd up an octave) -you can do this on major or minor chords. For example on any G, Gmaj or G7 chord play G and B.
    For a Gmin, Gmin7 or G dim play G and Bb. Remember to play the B or Bb up and octave frome the 3rd.

    3rd and 7th (also called the guide tones) - on 7th chords, these two notes define the quality of the chord better than any other notes. Here are some examples.

    on a G7 - play F and B (or B and F)
    on a Gmaj7 play F# and B
    on a Gmin7 play F and Bb

    Check out this lesson on my web site:
    Give this a start. See how it goes, when you start getting the feel of it, I'll give you some more.