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    So, why the heck don't these generally have the measures marked out? Super easy to do in ChordPro format I think? Lots of gui****s seem to be able to follow these charts but never know how many measures to play what chords - especially between verses/choruses :( .
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    Yea, and it really sucks if you're playing a show and get something like that and you don't know the tune. I got one once a a rather high paying gig and I knew the song from my childhood days, but didn't know any specific arrangement. The BL (star) said, "Oh yea, and we'll do that famous bass solo out front of the head". Great.

    It's just sloppy thinking and careless attention. You might think you're cool jotting out a chart at moments notice, but in truth, a few minutes of thinking will save all kinds of problems.
  3. Yep you got to have heard the tune for Fake chord aka chord charts to work. If the chart has the lyrics - the lyric word syllable tells you when to change chords, but, you still need someone singing the song to get the tempo and groove pattern going. With an instrumental I would lock into the instrument playing the melody. From that I get the tempo and time signature that can/should go with this song. Just listening for a few seconds should be enough to start follow along - if you have the chords and a chart of when to use them.

    Thank goodness what I play - Country and Praise have lyrics. As I've mentioned many times fake chord is what directors hand out in my neck of the woods. If you can not play from fake chord you sit at home.

    Does suck when you are handed something like this just before the gig.
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  4. Because charts with just chords and lyrics are designed for people who don't read music. That's why there are no barlines.
    If the player could read music, he/she would have barlines.
    and notes.
    and rests.
    and key/time signatures.
    and dynamics.
    and tempo markings.
    and articulations.
    and phrase markings.
    and repeats/first and second endings/codas.
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    There is a prejudice that you already know the song melody, not that you are sight reading it cold. The chart just provides specific lyrics to fill in the gaps of your knowledge and the chord progression
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    I hate those, it lacks so many crucials informations and you have to hope the singer sings right because you could end up with longer bar than expected ... so you have to know the songs before having those.
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    I played with a group for a while that only used chords over lyrics. They were also strongly inclined toward obscure songs (compulsively so, to be honest), so although I have a decent familiarity with popular music produced in the last half century, I had only ever heard of about 4/5 of the songs.

    If they'd have handed me a NN chart, I'd have been fine.
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    What in the world is that... Most of the songs I know I learned from chord charts... lyrics with chord symbols over them. I can read charts too.. but sight reading still eludes me because I have not practiced it enough.
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    If you are working with guitarists for the first time, or constantly working with a new guitarist you need to make (or have them make) charts with measures. Nashville number charts work best to me.

    If you are working with a guitarist who is a member of a band, he should have done his freaking homework and should know the song well enough to know how many measures there are between vocal lines. If he doesn't/hasn't he sucks as a band member.
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