Chorus AND delay pedal?

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  1. I might be pushing it here but I'm looking for both of these effects and since they are relativly similar in terms of the sort of situation they are used in, I was wondering if anyone does both in the same pedal. I'm not looking for a multi-effect here (although by definition I kinda am lol).

    Thanks for any help
  2. Hello, i have a Boss DM-100 ( <- the top one of these two.. There are samples here too) its hardly what you call a pedal but you can attach a footswitch to it and i've read you can mod it to have both Chorus and Delay selectable via the footswitch.

    Its a nice analogue (sp?) delay and gives a wonderfully thick chorus. Im not sure how easy they are to find but if you can get one they are quite cool.

    Edit: I just had a thought it might be worth looking for a rack fx unit, you would be able to combine the two effects successfully and could be controlled by a footswitch (depending on the unit). You would also be able (again depending on the unit) to play about with parameters and have different delays and/or choruses (sp?)

    Not sure if any of that helps. :meh:
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    The Digitech DigiDelay has a setting/Mode called Chorus delay. I had that pedal when i played guitar and it was really nice.
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