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  1. Hey guys I just wondering, my brother in Kansas and I am about 9 hours from him, and I don't want to drive down there. I have an old Line 6 chorus a pedal, and I don't remember where I got it. I may have got in a trade for something, anyway I hate the sound of it. My brother on the other hand seems to like it, he is a guitar player. Well he has this pedal I have never heard of and can't find much on the internet except its not very expensive. He wants to trade me a Caline Tantrum Metal pedal, he saids you can dial in from blues to all out metal. have any of you heard of this pedal, and can it be used on bass guitar. He said it has an awesome low end. Like i said I don't want to drive up to Kansas, but if you guys tell me what you think, I might would do the mail thing. The image well its for laughs. 64737391_10217218003515313_6694077371177238528_n.jpg
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    Random facts:
    Caline is one of several Chinese-made 'clone' pedal brands. Most go for about $30 new.
    Conventional wisdom says any FX pedal with "metal" in the name is horrible. Any pedal that works on electric guitar can be used on bass, whether it sounds good or not is a matter of personal judgement.
    I found plenty of info about this pedal on the internet - some (including Caline) claim it's a clone of the Boss MetalZone, others claim it's a copy of the the Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff (less likely, in my opinion).

    I'd watch some "Metal Zone with bass guitar" videos on YouTube and see if it's for you.
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    The problem with dirt pedals is that 90% of them will not have enough low end for bass, unless they are specifically designed for bass and/or have a clean blend.

    If you hate the chorus anyway, make the trade by mail - it'll be about $8 to mail, far cheaper and more sane than a 9 hour drive - and if you hate the new one you're in the same boat as before.

    BUT - bear in mind, too, that the line6 chorus is worth about $50 while the caline is more like $25.