Chris Fitzgerald, Aebersold 2019

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    A recording of Chris with Tim Armacost - sax, Scott Wendholt - trumpet, Phil DeGreg - piano, Jason Tiemann - drums, Chris Fitzgerald - double bass. Sunday evening faculty concert, 3rd set, Jamey Aebersold Jazz Summer Workshop, 2019

    Duke Ellington's Prelude to a Kiss

    Chris has a particularly nice solo on this tune, ending very gracefully by dropping his melody an octave.

    I happened to have been standing near Tim when he was describing part of his approach to playing standards, which is something like: be creative enough with them so that many listeners wouldn't recognize them as standards. Great playing all around, but I think the real star of this performance is the great groove they all contribute to. There are two more recordings from this set on my YouTube page.

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    bada$$. very fun!
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