Christian McBride and Co.

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  1. Lackey


    May 10, 2002
    Los Angeles
    ahem,, well late thread first of all...

    But anyways,, saw them in Pasadena this Sunday, and they were INCREDIBLE! Great musicians and players all,, the songs were great,, spirits were high,, looked like they were tossing around some improv up on stage. Christian moved from upright to electric seamlessly (duh.),, and tore it up on each respective version. Some very Jaco esque lines on the electric, while he did some unusual and tasty stuff on the upright (bowing,, effects pedals and extreme speed and fluid left hand movements). I wish I could've heard his Upright tone a little better,, guess I have to buy his album! They closed the set with Weather Report's Boogie Woogie Waltz, apparently a standard closer for them, and they absolutely shredded it! I didnt really ever care for the original version,, its kinda slow and monotonous, came out in '73 I believe w/ Miroslav Vitous on bass. However,, they played it more in style of 1980 Weather Report,, Faster tempo, way way more chops all around, and of course ending with 1/16th notes @ approx 180 bpm and furious distortion passages on bass. Mindblowing!!!!

    I'm thinking starting off my McBride music collection with either Vertical Vision or Sci-Fi,, any other comments/suggestions? I dont really ever hear about McBride amongst the bass guitar crowd,, is he more popular amongst DBer's? He deserves more respect in any case!!
  2. i saw the christian's new band a few months ago in boston. the definatly tore sh*t up! i have both sci-fi and vertical vision. sci-fi is more straight jazz and vertical vision is the new stuff he plays live with the same band. i personaly enjoy vertical vision more. another great cd he's on is the philadelphia experiment alongside Questlove from the roots, uri caine, and pat martino. he does a sweet version overdubbing bass on "just the 2 of us". it's sick!
  3. Christopher


    Apr 28, 2000
    New York, NY
    I'll be the devil's advocate and say that I don't enjoy his electric work as much as his upright stuff. It's competent, no doubt, but kind of pedestrian.