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Christian McBride how

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by slam, Jun 11, 2001.

  1. slam

    slam Guest

    Mar 22, 2000
    I just got back from seeing the Christian McBride Band at University of Richmond concert hall. The show started off with about 10 minutes of solo bass. He used nice echo pedal effects in several sections. A smoking open number called "Egad" erupted out of the solo, showcasing the amazing chops of the band. I was sitting closest to the drummer and I was amazed by his effortless playing. Christian played the upright with complete fluidity and great groove. I can see why he is a first call bass player for many people. The next tune was a quite enjoyable version of Steely Dan's "Aja". There was a tune called "Sci-Fi" that Christian wrote after watching The Matrix that was quite spacey and included bowed echo bass. On the next song Christian switched to fretless electric bass and played ala Jaco. There was also a "bedroom version" of The Police's "Walking On the Moon". The show closed with a Joe Zawinul medley that blew my hair back. The standing ovation brought the band back for a Jaco cover that ripped.

    All in all it was a great show with four amazing musicians relaxing and cutting loose. If you get a chance to see Christian play don't miss him.
  2. I am envious, Slam! Way cool. McBride is not to be missed in concert. I saw him in Atlanta two years ago and his playing was incredible.. equally impressive on both upright and electric, especially fretless. And his band, as you said, was smokin'. He was supposed to play here last year, and it got cancelled.. TWICE. I hope he comes back soon.

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