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Christmas eve gig..

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by bass_tool, Dec 24, 2001.

  1. December 24th, I got a gig with a cover band that I've been playing alot with recently, anyway at about 6:00 we started setting up, until we realised that the truck we were using for a stage wouldnt fit myself and my rig, a pianist and a keyboard, a drumkit, a singer and a guitarist and his amp. So we tried to squeeze us in, I got stuck between my rig, the keyboard and the drum kit. Our first set out of 3 started at about 7:00 and it went pretty well, by then it was still light so i could see the music well ( I didn't know the songs very well). That set ends, I take a break and watch a few more bands around the place, now I'm called up with the guitarist and the drummer to back this primary school girl up who is singing a bunch of Corrs songs. My guitarist just told me the chords before and during the songs as I'd never heard them before, that went off without a hitch.

    Now for my last set with the "star" of the town, the headlining act, it had gotten dark and we had one light on the other side of the stage which meant i had to struggle to read this music. The show goes on and the singer tells the audience she's doing an original called "Know You Well" so i scramble through my folder in search for it, but I can't find it so they keep playing and I try to see what chords the guitarist is playing but the lighting was too anal to see, so I sat that song out. The next song the pianist was playing out of key so it sounded really horrible, a few songs later and we were going strong again. Now for the closer, Lady Marmalade, boy does the crowd love this one, I pump up the amp and we play the song flawlessly. I think the crowd forgot about our screw ups after that song :D
  2. Freakapotamus9


    Jun 20, 2001
    sounds like it went really well for the most part. the whole time i was reading this im thinking "how can that be its 6:30!" :rolleyes: time zones sam .... time zones .... ah well, mustve been a good show. congrats :)
  3. frankencow150

    frankencow150 Guest

    Oct 17, 2001
    hey bass_tool for the original song you should of just turned your amp low and acted like your were playing something hard.;)
  4. Haha that would of been a good idea, I turn to my amp and people think im adjusting my tone when im actually dropping the output.

    Muahaha :D

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