Christmas show & tell

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  1. Papazita


    Jun 27, 2008
    The day is done & over, so what's your favorite non-bass item you received this year?

    My mother presented me with a few old books of poetry written by my Grandfather in his early 20's in the years just before WW2 (1937 is the earliest entry, 1941 the latest).

    Grandpa never really talked about his life before the war, other than the basic where he was born, where he went to school, etc; as he would say, that life was lost somewhere in the Ardennes in Holland, so I had no idea these journals even existed until now.

    It seems Grandpa was quite the poet, a lot of these are really great! :thumbsup:
  2. Pretty mundane compared to the awesome gift you received, but from a hard core coffee addict like myself, the Black and Decker Burr Grinder I received from my stepson was a nice surprise. I'm looking forward to extending my coffee making ritual even further by being able to grind whole beans. What made my Christmas this year however was a gift that money can't buy. On the spur of the moment I invited my stepson, his wife, and our 2 grandkids for dim sum on Christmas morning. We had a great time together and made up for the traditional dinner we missed as we had to look after my 93 year old aunt for the 1st time this Christmas. We went over there with pizza. It was good in its own right as we were all together and healthy.
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    I started a similar thread - so I'll join here.

    S&W Model 39; been wanting one for 20+ years!

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  4. GSMBass


    Oct 24, 2013
    If you love someone, give them a gun! You Americans are weird :D
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  5. bass12

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    Jun 8, 2008
    Montreal, Canada
    Nothing bass related. My girlfriend got me a PIEPS avalanche transceiver for my skiing forays out west. :)
  6. I got a new computer hard drive, 2 TB, and a biolite kettlecharge, which is a thermoelectric generator that doubles as a kettle to boil water in. For my more civilized outings into the woods where I might need to charge my phone.
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    Mar 31, 2010
    It's a good thing you smiled when you said that, pardner!
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    Mar 12, 2005
    West Midlands UK
    I got nothing for Christmas. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. :bawl:

    My family doesn't really do the gifts thing at Christmas. We tend to give gifts to each other at random times, just seeing something by chance and thinking "Oooh, Dad would really like that" or something similar.

    EDIT - I just remembered that one of my students gave me a bottle of wine for Christmas. So, the opening paragraph of this post is, in fact, untrue.
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  9. What kind of wine was it?
  10. BassyBill

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    Mar 12, 2005
    West Midlands UK
    Spanish red.
  11. Sounds yummy.