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  1. This year doesn't feel like Christmas at all for me. Due to financial trouble, this Christmas is going to be scarse at best for my house. This is gonna be the lamest Christmas ever. The only good thing about it is that my brother got some time off from Basic Training (he joined the army 5 weeks ago) and got to come home till Jan 3rd. Besides that, it looks like we're gonna have a pretty depressing holiday. I'm looking forward to getting wasted on New Years, but that's about it.
    Anyone else NOT looking forward to Christmas?

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    This one is going to be kind of rough on myself but sometimes we need to step back and rejoice in why we are celebrating this Day beyond the material meanings.
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    Waking up to live another day ain't such a bad deal.
  4. It's been a rough year for my family. Financially we are ok, but we have lost 3 members of our family. The money and "things" don't matter that much.

    The time spent with loved ones is more valuable than any material gift you would have given or received. Our most valuable resource is time, make the most of it.
  5. Good points. I always try to remember the real meaning of the holiday, but me not being a very religious person it always seems to get buried in the turmoil of the season. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook on it, but it's hard. My family is going through some rough times financially speaking, it just gets me down. However, I know the real reason for the holiday and I'll try to keep that in mind when I'm looking at the empty spot where our Christmas tree should be. I am quite happy to have what I have, and to be with my much-missed brother for the first time in over a month, but I could REALLY use a new bass;)

    edit: Last night I saw something that cheered me up a bit. While driving around with a friend, we saw a bunch of houses with the usual decorations (plastic santas, elves, nutcracker guys, lights all over, all that stuff). But then, among all the ridiculously decorated houses, I saw the first Christmas decoration that actually made sense. In big red letters on the roof of a house, it said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS".
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    Will this cheer you up?

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    You know, I thought I had seen the last of serg in his santa outfit. Congratulations, you yet again win first place for most posts of the same picture. And your prize? NOTHING.

    Hey look on the bright side. At least there's no economic depression, and you're not getting an orange for Christmas. That's all my grandfather got when he was a little guy.
    I still get an orange every year from my Dad. Since he lives in Colorado, he ships one out to me just for old times sake. :hyper: Best orange I eat every year. :)

  8. Well, it's Christmas morning and it turned out to be better then I anticipated. Nothing big like when I was younger and I found a mountain of presents every year, but it was great nonetheless.

    And Serg, yes, it did cheer me up. Santa drinkin a beer and smoking always puts a smile on my face:D
  9. It doesnt feel like christmas here either, nothing particularly wrong or that . . . just doesnt seem like christmas

    5:15 here . . . im working at 6 . . . *sigh*
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    christmas was great at casa turner. lots of good lewt :D my wife is the best :hyper: .
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    It will never end... i'll post new pics later:) I am santa!!!

    (no drinking pics... just pics with kids and stuff... :) some are kinda cute:)
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