Chromes singles discontinued

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  1. i was trying to find a custom gauge set of chromes for my PJ. i tune it CGCF.

    C:132-40.2 lbs
    G: 90-42.8 lbs
    C: 70-42.5 lbs
    F: 50-43.6 lbs

    since they don't offer singles anymore and these strings aren't available in sets i was hoping someone could point me towards a decent set of flats that come in singles and have tension info available so i can choose the right gauge for my tuning.
  2. THSL


    Jun 3, 2007
    New York, NY
    You may want to try Thomastik Infeld... They make a .136 flat wound... Their strings are expensive though...
  3. Since i couldn't find a suitable replacement for the too floppy flatwounds i have ordered some prosteels! i am not officially abandoning flat wounds forever but i am for my down tuning projects!
  4. GAAAHHH! damn DAddario discontinued half my steel string singles too!
    at least there are some lingering strings left in stock at some of their retailers... i should still be able to get this one last set of custom strings... *** am i gonna do next time i need a set?