Chunk systems Agent 00Funk EV filter

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  1. This is quite possibly the best envelope filter I have ever heard. It is a two-pole filter with a myriad of controls including centre (where the sweep starts from),range(how far it sweeps),lag(how fast or slow it is),bypass gain, effect gain, peak, a switch for up or down mode and a mod added just for me; a switch to choose between BP or LP mode. It has a cool CV loop so the unit can be contolled via an external source and even a volume pedal to control the sweep.
    I bought this box this summer and it hasn't left my house. I own a variety of filters including a Mutron III and honestly can say this is miles above the rest. It blows my old 'Tron out of the water. It's like a Mini-Lovetone Meatball. wet, fat, greasey, corpulent...nothing compares. $250 gets it to your door. It's not cheap but I paid $300 after shipping,duties and tariffs so it's still a deal. It is 9v but you can apply up to 24v with stunning results. Forget the Meatball...forget the Frostwave funk-a-duck....forget the Qtron+...this box is the last filter you will own. It is over-built, like a tank and weighs in at about 3 lbs.
    I am desperately in need of cash and just don't need a filter this deep. Please check out the HC reviews at

    Pictures and sound bites:

    I will ship from Victoria, BC, Canada. Thank you for reading my add.
    Chris Parker
    [email protected]