Chunk Systems Fuzz bass FZ002 $100 or trade for Bass Angler

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  1. Excellent condition funky fat fuzz for you. This thing has many different fat and buzzy tones and a very cool "gate" feature for tight, synthy effects. Read about it here;
    Sound bytes here;
    Haven't used this at all unfortunetly. Just don't need it. Would love to trade for a Dredgetone bass Angler, _maybe_ an EBS Multidrive. Need a huge bass OD.
    You pay shipping (not much though..) This box has some serious vibe, check it out please. Payed $159 and huge shipping from Australia. Asking $100 but a trade is preferable. Richard makes some very cool boutique toys and is a great guy.
    Chris P.

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    you have a pm...