SOLD CIJ Early '60s RI Fender Jazz Bass Neck

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    Hi guys,
    I have an extremely nice playing Crafted In Japan Fender Jazz Bass neck complete with tuners for sale. This neck is in very good condition, and has the classic early 1960's pre CBS Jazz Bass fast neck look and feel. It's a very nice player. It has one blemish on the board between the 7th and 8th frets under the G string. And a very small spot below the nut on the bottom of the neck. Neither of these two spots are noticeable, and do not affect anything. The serial number on this neck is (#P030850 1-2) I was told that this neck was made in the mid 1990's. From what I see, it looks to have a 7.25 radius. OMG it plays darned good! As you can see, it measures 1-1/2" at the nut and 2-7/16" at the 20th fret. I, personally prefer a fast and flat neck so I left the truss rod adjusted flat like the few times that I played it, with light gauge strings on it. That way it's ready to bolt on and adjust to your style, and be ready to play with a lot less fuss, tinkering, and settling-in. Just send me a pm if you have any questions at all.
    Thanks for looking,

    $260.00 **Shipped**

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