Cirrus 6 string neck dimensions

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  1. I'd be grateful if one of the Cirrus 6 owners takes time to answer this...
    What is Cirrus 6 string neck width at nut, at 12th fret, string to string distance at the bridge (I think it's called string pitch at bridge)?
    What is its neck depth at nut and 12th bridge?
    What is the fingerboard radius?

    If you know a webpage that I can get this info it's welcome as well!

    Thanks in advance

    Why do I need it? Well mainly for comparison with other basses..
  2. A Cirrus 6 has a 17" fingerboard radius. Width at nut is about 1 15/16", at 12th fret it's 2 7/8". Neck depth is less than an inch at both locations.

    I believe string pitch is 17mm but have been wrong before - and I can't find my @#$% machinist's rule.


  3. Thank you Allan!

    Wow! Its neck width is quite little than I expected.

    BTW if you find the correct (and sure :) ) string to string distance I'd be grateful to hear it. Anyway with the width at nut and 12th fret, the string pitch can be found (I'll try to calculate it later)
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