City Limits 3 inch Padded Leather Strap

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  1. I have a really nice City Limits 3" padded leather strap that I picked up recently. Strap is made really well and is comfortable, but it's not long enough for me. Strap extends to 53 inches long, but I'm one of those guys that plays my bass pretty low and this strap doesn't work for me. I had installed schaller strap locks on that made a slide indentation on the tab ends, but the strap is in pristine, like new condition.

    I think I paid $20 plus shipping. Offered for $15 shipped. Will trade toward a set of 4 or 5 string black beauties, a cheap passive DI, another longer strap.

    Also have many barely used sets of Rotos if anyone is interested. I can do 3 sets for $20.


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  2. What is it at it's shortest???
  3. SOLD.
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