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Civil Air Patrol - Recruiting?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Tym2cu_bass, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. Ok, i'm 15 and in the Civil Air Patrol. (for those who dont know what that is: www.civilairpatrol.gov)

    I know that there are some people on this forum that have been in it, i've talked with some of you, and everyone i talked to that was in thinks its a wonderful program. Colleges look at it strongly, cadets in it learn a lot, have WONDERFUL opportunities in everything and its just over all great. So, if you want my squadron e-mail, its www.mcminnvillecap.com

    Ok, so here is why im posting. I'm the new cadet commander for this squadron and i'm supposed to make the decisions and everything for planning, and recruiting. I had a new idea. Post recruiting boards at the schools.

    So i put some stuff up at some schools (middle schools and high schools) that have some general info and stuff. Ok, so i get home, it looked good. This is a non profit organization that runs off pure donations, and they get some money from the USAF. I get home, and i receive a call on my cell phone.

    Cell phone rings
    me- "hello?"
    lady at other end- "uh, yes, is this Josh?"
    me- "ya, may i ask who this is?"
    lady- "OK, well, how dare you go to schools to do this!"
    me- "..."
    lady- "that is a para military organization that shapes kids futures, how dare you interfear and recruit my son!"
    me- "well ma'am, i talked with a bunch of people that was interested today, i dont know if your son got the wrong impression that its a bad program, but this is a non-profit organization much like the boy scouts, just with a much more militaristic back round"
    *20 minutes of trying to tell her what its all about and its a good youth program later...*

    lady- "well, i dont care, IF YOU DO IT AGAIN I WILL HUNT yOUR a** DOWN!"
    me- "ma'am, listen... wait, let me give you my senior commanders phone number, talk to him"
    lady- "good"

    Ok, so thats kinda how it went, of course i left out a LOT. so this is a program that teaches good leadership skills, lots about the USAF and military things, aerspace, LETS YOU FLY FOR FREE!, emergency services, survival, and much much more, and this lady calls and starts yelling at me like i was drafting her son into the marines! I mean, then she starts to threaten me, cursing, and complaining like a slug in the desert...

    Was i WRONG in putting these recruiting adds at a school? I mean, how else am i supposed to get membership up in my squadron? people dont read newspapers, and dont go to our site, cuz they dont know about caap...

    just venting...
  2. *sniff* no one has an opinion on this :(
  3. victobass


    Nov 27, 2003
    Don't take it to heart. The CAP is a great program. I was in it myself for 3 years when I was a teenager. It never brainwashed me to join the military. It gives kids a taste of what the military is like and helps them to make an intelligent decision for themselves. I went to college instead of joining the military but I value the discipline I gained from being in the CAP. No one is forcing kids to stay in it if they don't like it. Just keep on with what you're doing and realize that for everything you do, there is someone who has a negative attitude about it.
  4. yeah, CAP is awesome, but i am doing it through the AFROTC, so i kinda came into it through the AF...either way, that kid is probably a high school student, who is almost an adult...he should be able to make his own choices at this point...his mom is just being an overprotective mother who doesn't realize that her baby is all grown up now!

    that being said, i say good luck with your efforts. i have talked to many people saying that their CAP Program was shut down due to no money...
    Good luck!
  5. My squadron is very, very lucky and we will never run out of money. We are partners with the National Evergreen Aviational Museum (the one with the spruce goose) and are lots of relations with Evergreen Internation Aviation and the guy that runs it - Del Smith. So we are very fortunate there :)