Class D vs A/B power consumption question.....

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    Feb 19, 2012
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    Does a typical class D amp consume more or less (or depends?) amperage than a typical class A/B amp at the same rated watt output?

    Sorry if this is a "dumb" question, I'm not trolling and at least it's not a "tone" comparison question. I have switched my PA rack to full class D and I have added an extra amp, I look at the lot and I can't help but think, wow, is this too much for a 15amp circuit? (rack consists of 1 XLS-2502, 1 XLS-2002, 1 XLS-1500 and also an XLS-1002 plus an XR18 mixer).
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    Class D with SMPS is about 35-40% more efficient, solless power consumption compared with class AB.
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    Feb 19, 2012
    Crandon WI
    Thank you so much Aged Horse! I really appreciate it! I couldnt find the amp usage in the specs. As always, you're the best!! :)
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