Class of '13, Rethinking Fenders

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    May 3, 2008
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    Happy New Year to all. May it bring us work and happiness.

    Here's my class of 2013 including a P-bass Frankie, Music Man Sterling and a Tune TXW41. Will GAS change the lineup?

    Haven't had a Fender in the working lineup for the perhaps 20 years. Just got away from them & don't remember why, but playing the P-bass copy has been a pleasure. It's awaiting some new Dean Markley SR2000 that I am hoping will give it the right sound given passive pups. It's solid as a rock, with a string thru Epiphone bridge.

    The Sterling still is the workhorse of the group, strung with nickel or stainless. Love the neck on this slab, although the lemon oil stained neck could be cleaned up. Very versatile.

    The Tune is my fun bass, and when jamming in parts unknown, I usually take this CraigsList $100 out for the evening. Strung it with DR Neons so it is flashy. At just under 8 pounds it is easy to sling, neck has full two octaves.

    The EUB is a Dean, and fraught with fixes and patches. The TI's seem rubbery at times, and there is a buzz on the D that I haven't been able to work out...Oh well, it's a Dean.

    Not pictured, is the upright which stays at the rehearsal studio or at the gig.

    Just wondering will they remain through the year ahead? I just want to stay healthy and keep playing.

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