Classic MESA/BOOGIE diesel 4x10 for sale....

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    Apr 13, 2001
    Here's the deal...I am looking into an acme rig for myself, but i need to sell this and my other combo amp first, so i need to put it up for now as a potential for sale. So if you are truely interested and would be able to/want to purchase in the next few weeks or so, let me know right now, because i need to know for sure that i can get rid of this so i can make arrangements and figure out prices for my new setup... I'll keep you very informed on the status of my project as well. So please let me know by email if you are interested in buying this from me.
    >Mesa/Boogie Diesel 4x10+Horn. (front ported)
    >Handles 600 watts RMS/1200 watts peak.
    >Loaded w/ 4 10" EVM drivers.(the good stuff!)
    >Three way horn switch (High/Low/Off)
    >Has 4 removeable casters for easier transportation.
    >I believe it's about 5 years old. It's used, but definately not abused. A very HQ and great sounding cab. This thing is real heavy, cuz these older mesa's had MASSIVE magnets which is why they are so tight and punchy. Very nice LOWS as well. It's a shame i haveta get rid of her, but I need something more light weight for my type of band/playing etc....The cosmetic shape is pretty good.(A few dings and scrapes on the grill...but nothign affecting the sound) Buyer pays S&H. Give me a reasonable offer, and ill let you know what im looking to get as well. Hopefully we can work somehting out.
    Let me know...Peace
    [email protected]