Classic, or at least classic styled basses with 21 or more frets?

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  1. I like passive, classic looking instruments. But I've been running into instances here and there were i'd really like to be able to hit a high E on the G string, and only own a 20 fret Fender PJ special. My second choice would have been Lakland, but most of their retro-sytled models seem to be 20 frets as well. Suggestions?

    As a personal editorial: 21 frets seems to be a magic number to me, seeing how guitar focused music is so often in the key of E or A, and the high E would be a chord tone in both keys. Fender deviated from classic designs adding easier truss rod adjustment at the heel and string-through design on their american standard line...I'd vote for adding 21 frets as well.
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    What's your budget?

    Sadowsky and Lull both make 24 fret FSO* basses.

    *Fender Shaped Objects
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  3. Thanks, for the info. My general goal is to spend no more than a grand, and I like to buy used.
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    21 frets & 22 frets


    22 IMG_E2889.JPG

    22 left 21 right
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  5. If you want a Sadowsky, you could save some money by looking into the MIJ MetroExpress series. They're more affordable than a US Sadowsky and they've been getting some very good reviews.
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    Active with a passive switch.
    Fully passive.
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    Those are by Dean
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    IIRC the older Fender Deluxe's ( jazzes and depending on year, p/j or p/humbucker) were 21 or 22 frets. They should be able to be found in or a little above your budget.
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    This is correct. I have a 1996 Fender Deluxe P with the P/J pup configuration and 22 frets. It's the first bass I bought when I decided to learn to play after 2 failed attempts over 25 years prior.

    I dont play it much anymore, but it's a solid player with many sound options. If you can find one, AHC is correct about the approximate $1000. price point.

    Good luck!
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