Classic P-bass Build

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  1. BassJunkie730


    Feb 3, 2005
    Ok Ladies and gentlemen,

    I just pulled the trigger on a "genuine" fender replcement '57 P body from Elderly instruments. Apparantly they've had this body in stock for a loooong time (the pick online in the neck pocket shows jan. 2000). But the also marked it down $100 bucks. You can't beak a body and a nitro finish for that price! - unless you do it yourself - and in NYC with no booth or equipment - I'll take my chances with this deal. So I spec'ed out the project and it comes to about $900 not including shipping. Let me know what you guys think. I have a Dirnt P that I will let go for this one - hey i consider this an upgrade! I'm going for the classi p-bass tone - full and deep. I play NYC indie rock with a strong influence from Fugazy and Joy division. I really think this will mate rather well with my avalon and QSC - now all I need is a damn cabinet!

    P-Bass Project

    Fender genuine replacement '57 P-Bass body

    USACG 1/4 sawn all maple neck with a thickness on the back of the neck. (I will finish it myself in nitro from Reranch)

    Nordstrand NP4

    Hipshot Vintage brass 4 string or Mannmade 4 string bridge (I can't decide - but each has a very different sound)

    Schaller 1/2" fender style tuners (may replace them for hipshot's superior classics with a 27:1 gear ratio.)

    Gold Anodized pickguard

    So there it is. The thumper.

    Now all I really need is a small wattage ampeg b15 clone to run through the U5's speaker input - nothing like b15 tone at 1600W!!! :eek:

    New projects make me excited! :hyper:

  2. JPJ


    Apr 21, 2001
    Chicago, IL
    Should be quite the project...keep us posted! ;)