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Classic Vibe 60s PBass refinishing

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by luzceloffan, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Well guys, after bothering youwith lots of question before, i started my journey to the refinishing of my bass, trying to hit a trans black effect on my bass (the sonic blue one).

    So i was able to remove finish and paint with sanding and found a good grain to my porpouse.


    so i kept sanding the rest ...


    Once it was barewood i started to apply an alcohol based dye from Sayerlack:


    sanding out the pure black coat (not entirely):


    and then a lighter one with a pickguard test to see if i liked it xD


    and here is where my nightmare starts .....I found a barnish that claims to be nitro - transparent, thats true...however...it isnt clear....so it yellowish the surface where it is applied...and i ended up with this...


    sincerely i kept going thinking that it could turn out ok once finished...however i didnt liked....its not bad, its a good brownish natural...but not my liking...


    and then i made a second mistake, didnt realize that the nitro barnish were not compatible with my dupont paint reductor....so the back of my bass that was sealed with the nitro lacquer just started to react...and ended up like a sand paper feel to te touch in some parts and like a hotcake wit many little holes in the paint...so...i just were screwed...i am waiting the paint and lacquer to cure...and i will re-sand...since the surface didnt end smooth and go full pearl black....and make a tribute bass....
  2. Splods


    Oct 7, 2012
    Adelaide, SA
    That sucks man, but you very rarely get it first time.

    Good luck
  3. thanks dude!!!! i will post the progress once i strip the actual paint / sealer down.
  4. May I ask what materials / technique was used to bring this down to bare wood?
  5. Sand paper (80 / 100 grit) + elbow grase to remove finish and paint.

    Then Sand paper (100 / 160 grit) + elbow grease to remove the sealer.

    Then Sand paper (240 / 320 grit ) + elbow grease to smooth the wood.


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