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    Oct 11, 2008
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    Not sure where / if I should post this, or even do anyting about it...

    Received an email that I had a PM about one of my sales.
    Clicked on the "view this conversation" link, and got an error message.

    Didn't think anything about it, and sent the guy an email saying hit me up if you want to check out the cab. About an hour later I got an email from him...

    Alright your payment will be sent ASAP please consider it sold I need your full name and address.Am paying by Cashier / check.I'll add $50 for keeping it in my favor. your understanding I hope I can fully trust you with this? Thanks for your understanding.

    Tried to search for this user an come up with no results.
    I guess scammers are creating profiles, sending PMs, then deleting profiles?

    Just a heads up!!
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    Yeah, cashier's check, promise to over-pay, flashing red lights, ripoff.
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    May 5, 2004
    The old Nigerian scam