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Clean Boost Pedals (with tube amps)- Did you try any?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Phyrexian, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Hey guys...

    I am dying to get a clean boost pedal (due to a gas-attack of course). I'm looking forward to hear your experiences with other clean-boost pedals and tube amps.

    Anyway, I have a nice SVT-3 (my baby!) and tried these thingies:

    • EBS MultiComp: I increased the gain on this pedal and this resulted in very nice overdriven sounds from the SVT-3. Recently I found out that I don't need the compression so this baby goes on Ebay. I really love the sound of the overdriven SVT. No overdrive pedal I tried can mimic this.

    • Fulltone BassDrive: in the CompCut mode this pedal works like some kind of a cleanboost pedal, and I like the sound of it.
    Pro: (1) the tone knob can add lots of clarity to your tone. (2) there's still a 2nd channel available for more overdriven galore.

    • Boss GE-7 Equalizer: I have this pedal sitting around for some years in my guitar-rig and I always liked it. Now, I've put this in between my bass and amp with only the volume slider of this pedal set to a higher level. This resulted also in nice driven sounds, but it had slightly more treble/sizzle in the sound than the MultiComp or the Fulltone BassDrive.

    Now, what pedals did you try? Let me hear those results!?

    I'm looking to try following pedals:
    • MXR Micro Amp (because of its simplicity, cheap)
    • Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster (simple as well, cheap)
    • Keeley Java Boost (simple, had an added tone knob that can be handy, less cheap)
    • Fulltone Fat Boost (same possibilities as the Java Boost, but very very expensive of course).

    thanks in advance,

  2. natasmi


    Apr 30, 2002
    Hi,I don't have a tube amp but I do have a MXR Micro Amp and it's a nice, cheap clean boost. Full on it starts to distort but well made. My friend tried overdriving his tube guitar amp with it with fantastic results.
  3. Boozy


    Apr 29, 2002
    Kelowna BC, Canada
    I also have a MXR Micro-Amp.. I use it when I am in the mood to not use my RBI... I just de-activate my RBI and click the MXR "on" and away I go. This way I am using only my bass, nothing to add extra colour to my tone, but the MXR gives me the volume I need to stay at the same level as I would normally be (with the RBI)..

    Simple, works well, and built as solid as I could imagine.
  4. I've used the MXR Micro amp with good results but my favorite gain box right now is the ART Tube MP. Lots of clean gain and you can also overdrive the tube in it and it is also a tasty DI for about what you'd pay or less than the other pedals you listed. You could even get the stepped up versions with added features all for less than $100.00. MF has had the stereo rackmount version with all the bells and whistles for 139.00 for a while now. Live it might be a drag since it isn't footswitchable but hey, it's an idea.
  5. Thanks people!
    What about the Keeley Java Boost. I might find one 2nd hand.
  6. mgmadian


    Feb 4, 2002
    Austin, TX
    I'm also trying to decide on a clean boost pedal, and presently have the BassDrive and SD Pickup Booster as contenders. To my ears, the Pickup Booster is a little cleaner, fuller and also a little brighter, while the BassDrive imparts a slight mid-emphasis to the sound when I've tried to dial in a pure clean boost alone (Volume knob is 2 o'clock or more, Tone knob between 1 and 5 o'clock, Overdrive is dialed down completely). Of course, it may be that the SD Pickup Booster provides a low and high end bump, but all in all it does seem to sound more 'flat'.... I'm still trying to see if I can get the BassDrive to yield the same results.

    That said, sometimes I actually like the Bassdrive's (slight) built-in mid-emphasis... especially when using it with a bridge pickup alone for a Jaco-type sound. And of course, step on it's Boost switch and you have another channel completely with overdrive to full-blown distortion to taste, which is something to take into consideration.

    Lastly, the Resonance switch on the SD Booster actually does seem to be useful. I only recently started experimenting more with this, and the 1 and 2 settings definitely sound different than the 0 setting... 0 has the most high-end with my basses (both in their active and passive modes).

    FYI... I'm really wanting to try out the S.I.B. FatDrive... a tube-based Boost pedal. Full-on distortion really isn't my thing (although I haven't tried it yet with an octave pedal, which I understand is interesting), the FatDrive claims to be primarily a booster vs OD/distortion.
  7. Well...

    I've found my boost-setup for now:

    1. 'Clean-Boost' - Fulltone Bassdrive in Compcut mode. Overdrive on zero. Volume set this way that it sounds louder than my regular amp setting.
    2. Distortion (for this rare part in some of our songs) - from the boost button on the Bassdrive.
    3. Besides that I have a Boss GE-7 doing a cut for them clean parts where the bass needs to be a little quiter.

    It all works very fine.

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