Clean (ish) Boost for a GK 700RB??

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  1. Anybody use a clean boost to push an 700RB a bit further when its already quite dirty / on the rails??

    I've been struggling a bit with an OCD; it either gets clanky or goes a bit mushy with the gain and tone backed off some. I think its a bit OTT when the head is dialled in this way and has a ridiculous amount of volume on tap!
  2. mmbongo

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    Hmm...can't see a clean boost helping much since the amp already has a gain control on the input. I'm also not a fan of the OCD.

    I will recommend a TC Electronics Spark Booster. It is a clean boost so you can explore that road if you want, or you can dial in a bit of soft OD if you want...or you can nail it with a ton of gain. It's also got 3 different voice modes to choose from (well, one of them is raw and does not really have a voice other than what you feed it), and it's got controls for bass and treble.

    It's a shame this pedal is overlooked for the most part, it's a great low gain overdrive or clean boost or EQ or mid name it.

    Other fantastic OD pedals you can look at, but cannot do 'clean boost':
    SolidGold FX Beta
    Way Huge Pork Loin
    Darkglass VMT
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    Not the best idea really, you'll just end up clipping the pre-amp input.
    Which can actually wreck the pre-amp if done too frequently/aggressively.
  4. Ok, but if the amp OD is being generated by the Boost and Woofer controls with the Input Vol still fairly low, is this really still the case? Is it not just pushing the Input a little more? I'm not looking for wild gain, just a bit more foot-switchable growl.....
  5. mmbongo

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    I believe that would be the same function as cranking the input control into distortion, which is why there's no real point in having a clean boost to drive the front end. The input gain already does that. You need a dirt pedal.
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    Dec 4, 2011
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    I'd suggest the Fairfield Barbershop for the soft grit to add to the top.
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    Jan 15, 2011
    A cheap option I would suggest is a DOD FX10 Bi-fet preamp.
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  9. Cool - any other suggestions? Sounds interesting!
  10. SunnBass

    SunnBass All these blankets saved my life.

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    The input knob works after the actual input signal.
    If the signal is too hot coming into the amp, clip city!
    The input knob has no affect on this.
    And trust me (because it happened to my 700RB II), blasting the input with too hot a signal can burn it out.
    Not a super expensive repair, but a repair nonetheless.

    Using a clean boost the way you want to use one, really only works with tube amps.
    You need a nice, mild overdrive pedal.
    Like the Fairfield Barbershop.
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  11. Decided to try a Solidgold Beta - will update when it arrives.
  12. mmbongo

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    Fantastic pedal with a huge bottom end. Mine is in the classifieds now, as I'm moving to something a little thinner and more transparent. For what it is I love the Beta though. Truly one of the best pedals I've had.