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  1. I'm buying an amp this weekend I'll be trading in my Hartke 3500 wich is pretty new I just don't care for the tone too mutch. Trouble is it realy is hard for me to truly get a good feel for an amp until I bring it to band practice and get a chance to REALLY open her up. Anyway I got about 500 to 600 and the trade in and after reading all the feed back about amps I realy don't know what to do I'm looking at Mesa 360 m-pulse and a Ampeg pro 3 and I'm asking wich amp is the cleanest most reliable punchy and fat. I have a Ampeg B410HL It's 4 ohms. I play jazz funk and rock!!

    Thankz for feedback.
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    Jan 19, 2002
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    if you're in Lancaster, how far is Bethlehem, Pa from you? check out they've got quite an extensive bass and amp selection for you to try. nice guys too.