Cleaning pots on Markbass TTE 500 anyone?

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  1. Hi guys,

    Just pulled the trigger on a dirt cheap Markbass TTE 500 in working conditon. Thing is, not only it was dirt cheap, it was basically all dirt, perhaps coming from smoker or being extensively played in smoking area. It has great sound anyway, the only pita is noisy master volume pot.

    I plan on disassembling the beast and cleaning it thoroughly using compressed air and then also clean the pot with contact cleaner.

    Looking from outside, it looks quite simple. Removing the pot knobs and top grill first, should be easy. Then it looks like loosening few more bolts round the midsection of the chassis should loosen the midplane (on top of which the PCB with valves is mounted). Pots should be somewhere below this midplane, I hope to gain access to them in this way.

    Just wondering if anybody already did that and has some tips. Thx in advance!
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    Spraying contact cleaner into a pot can easily destroy it. I use Deoxit Fader Lube but only the tiniest squirt. Literally less is more sort of thing.

    For cleaning an amp out I prefer to use a vacuum cleaner and a very soft paint brush to dislodge the crud. Compressed air can actually blow components off the boards. .Wear a face mask to keep from breathing dust into your lungs. You never know what the amp has sucked in!
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    May 5, 2004
    I have used those cans of compressed air that dollar store sells and cleaned dust out with good results