For Sale Clearing parts drawer (bridge, tuner, control plate)

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    Today was a good day to clean the parts drawer. All prices shipped to con US. Some off this came in a trade so not sure of manufacturer. Thanks for looking.

    **SOLD** Fender type tuner bushings. Fits 11/16" hole (17.5mm) & inside diameter 17/32" (14mm) $5 **SOLD**

    Ferrules (1).jpg

    Single treble side Y key tuner. Make unknown $5

    Y Key.jpg

    Genuine Fender 3 hole plate. Never used. $10

    Ferrules (2).jpg

    5 string chrome bridge. 3 5/8" x 2 1/8" string spacing 17mm. $20

    Hm 2 (2).jpg Hm 2 (1).jpg Hm3.jpg Hm4.jpg

    5 string bridge ( Gotoh?) 3 5/8" x 2" string spacing 17mm. $25

    Gotoh 1.jpg Gotoh 2.jpg Gotoh 3.jpg Gotoh 4.jpg
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    I'll take the bushings if still available. Send me your PayPal account. Thx
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