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Clever people! Please help me with CDRW problem!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Tom Crofts, May 25, 2003.

  1. Tom Crofts

    Tom Crofts

    Mar 15, 2001
    So yeah, for a couple of weeks now my CDRW drive hasn't worked. There are no hardware conflicts or anything like that and it says it is working correctly. However, when I put a CD into the drive (any kind of CD) it sounds like it's trying to spin up for a couple of seconds but makes kind of clunking sounds, not like it can't do it, just like it's kind of stopping halfway through... It then says 'Please insert a disk into drive E'.

    So... any idea what it could be? It didn't seem to happen for any reason, just one day it wouldn't work...

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Ívar Þórólfsson

    Ívar Þórólfsson Mmmmmm... Supporting Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    Kopavogur, Iceland
    If you have tried different cd´s and always the same result, I would suspect that your drive has gone bonkers.

    If it is still in warranty, go have them check it out. If not, well, it´s cheaper to buy a new one. Besides, no one really repairs a cd drive anyway.

    Sorry though :meh:
  3. I get the same thing from my 4 year old drive. It's had it, get it changed.
  4. dirty cd lens. but- if its making clonking noises, the drive itself is probably f***d.

    check the warranty, see if you can get a replacement.

    a cdrw drive is like $60 for a nice one now.

    and - on the crappier drives, the lube can dry up. ive had experiences with that.
  5. My Cd burner quit working after about two years. I purchased a new one and everything works fine now. On the previoes unit, CD copies would take from twelve to twenty minutes and about every third copy failed leaving me with yet another "Frisbee" to add to the collection. And that's before the unit actually quit functioning! I tried several different software brands for doing the CD work but nothing seemed to improve. I began to think that was normal for CD copying. The new CD burner, a Memorex, came with "Ahead Nero" software. My copy times are down to about two to three minutes for copying an entire CD and I have never had a session fail (no more "Frisbees"). The Memorex seems to be good hardware but I think the "Nero" software may be most of the improvement. Anyway, I'm now very pleased.
  6. go iowa!
  7. Take a look.

    BTW, it's almost certainly not worthwhile having it repaired. If you are in a hot room or having warm weather try running it very cool (ie, outside the computer case) to see if that helps. Remove the drive and give it a gentle shake to see if that does anything, and if you can't get it to work reliably call it a bin job and go shopping.
  8. Tom Crofts

    Tom Crofts

    Mar 15, 2001
    Bah! Ah well, thanks for all your help anyway...

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