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"Clicking" in plucking hand

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Hello_Friend, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Hello_Friend


    Feb 18, 2014
    When I play a lot, I get clicking in the "thenar" of my plucking hand. The thenar is the chubby part of the hand located below the thumb:


    Some joints or bones or something start clicking in there and sometimes it hurts.

    I corrected my right arm position by straightening my forearm so it aligned with my hand (basically, I point my elbow upward now). This worked for a few days but the clicking has begun to affect my hand even with the new posture.

    Basically, my questions are:

    Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know anything else I can do? Is this harmful (can it lead to CTS, etc...)?

    Thanks in advance--new member here, great site.

    Edit: I definitely should have posted this in technique. Admin delete this please. Thanks
  2. You should explain your situation to a Physiotherapist. This is exactly the sort of thing they are trained to deal with.
  3. A decent massage therapist should be able to help a lot, & might take a few sessions. If not, def see someone more trained.
  4. Wally Malone

    Wally Malone

    Mar 9, 2001
    Boulder Creek, CA
    AFM International Representative Endorsing Artist: Accugroove Cabinets & MJC Ironworks Strings
    I recently have been dealing with a trigger finger on my middle finger of the right hand. I ended up getting two shots of cortisone five weeks apart which really helped. In addition my doctor recommended taping my finger at night which also helps to keep it under control. This may not be your exact problem but may be related. The doctor I went to specializes in hands.

  5. Fat Steve

    Fat Steve The poodle bites, the poodle chews it.

    Perhaps the OP is American with no health insurance? If I were in those circumstances, I would probably post some questions to people that may have had similar experiences in order to see just how serious of a condition I may be facing prior to handing over my first born in order to get treatment.
  6. lomo

    lomo passionate hack Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2006
    Hands are complex (as are feet) compared to most other joints. Your symptoms could be due to a tendon snapping (extensor or abductor pollicis) or be due to clicking of carpal bones against one another. Tendon issues are often treated with ice (as much as you can tolerate, as often as you can tolerate) and a short (1 week) course of oral anti-inflammatories (like Naproxen), provided these do not upset your stomach. Beyond that, the best way to determine precisely what the problem is would be an MR imaging study and consultation with a hand specialist.