SOLD Cliff Bordwell 5-String Jazz Bass 2019 Satin Canarywood

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  1. lshermanmusic


    Oct 7, 2012
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    For sale is a beautiful custom jazz bass by acclaimed luthier, Cliff Bordwell. The bass is a medium scale (32" ) 5-string with a low B, 24 frets. The B is tight, focused, and clear. The bass is equipped with Nordstrand NJ5 70's wound single-coil pickups and a 9-volt Nordstrand 3-band preamp fitted in a metal Fender plate. There are 4 controls: Vol+tone stack/blend/treble/bass+mid stack. There's also an active/passive switch.

    As far as wood goes, the body is made of light weight ash with a canarywood top. The neck is maple with a wenge core and a rosewood fingerboard. All tuners are light-weight and the whole bass comes out to about 8.8 lbs.

    The sound is focused, clear, and punchy in the lower register with a big and round, but well-shaped low end. The middle to upper register becomes nice and bell-like thanks to the single-coil pickups and warm tonal properties of the woods.

    Sound samples available via link below. They're in order from Bridge Pickup -> Neck Pickup -> Both Pickups.

    Mono case included with purchase.

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  2. Kevin Guin

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    Sounds fantastic. I've heard there are old time producers that consider a medium scale bass guitar to be a kind of secret weapon in the studio. Best of luck with the sale.
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    Oct 7, 2012
    Thank you!
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    You have a pm.....

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