SOLD Cliff Bordwell Dola 32'' short scale 5 stringLAST!! Price Drop !! 2000.00

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  1. jpeeze


    Jan 17, 2008
    I have a very well built Cliff Bordwell Dola Bass up for sale. It has a few scratches from my pocket knife clip from the first gig played with it SMH. The other is very small on the front of the bass. The action is very low without any fret buzz. The bass will cut through the mix easily played flat. The low Bb is not floppy at all using the string through the body. I sold my MTD 534 after I received this bass. It’s a player that’s for sure and very versatile with the pickup options. If you are looking for a short scale bass this is a good one.

    $2800 shipped to US only For sale only!!!
    Price drop $2400.00
    Last Price DRop $2000.00

    Cliff Bordwell Dola 5 string

    Scale length: 32 inches
    Neck shape: Oval
    String spacing at Bridge: 18mm
    Weight: 10.0lbs. Bathroom scale

    Neck: Maple / Wenge
    Fingerboard: Pau Ferro
    Headstock plate: Quilted Maple
    Body: One piece Quilted top / Wenge body with Mahogany back.

    Pickups: Nordstrand DC series/single/parallel switch

    Preamp: Aguilar 3-band with A/P pull nob and two way mid switch.

    CB1.jpg CB2.jpg CB3.jpg CB4.jpg CB5.jpg CB6.jpg CB.jpg
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  2. crossover

    crossover Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2010
    Honest seller and great to work with. Buy with confidence folks.
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  3. jpeeze


    Jan 17, 2008
    Thanks crossover!!
  4. perfektspace6

    perfektspace6 Supporting Member

    May 9, 2006
    Dallas, Texas
    Great wood selection. Not surprised this cuts well.

    Anything else you can say regarding what the B feels like given the scale length? I typically play 34 inch scale 5'er's. Subjective, I know.
  5. jpeeze


    Jan 17, 2008
    The B string is not floppy at all. I use the string through so that adds about 2-3in of length to the string. Also I tune flat and that's not a problem at all. I play gospel and the low Bb string cuts and does not sound muddy. I have never string it up without using the string through so I can't speak on that. I have played Fenders with B strings that was terrible so this kind of surprised me. I talk to Cliff a lot about the B string on his 32" scales and he was really confident about it. I was nervous for sure. Cliff is up there with the big dogs.

    This bass really shined when I had TI flats on it. I couldn't believe how good it sounded. I never play on flats till I had this built and requested flats. I used them for awhile but eventually went back to SS.
  6. jpeeze


    Jan 17, 2008
    Another price drop for a great playing bass!!!
  7. Beautiful Bass, I would probably be interested in it if I hadn't just bought a 6-string Bordwell 32 inch scale. Cliff's basses are top-notch and this bass is a steal at it's price. I concur on his basses having Great B strings for 32" scale too, sounds better than a lot of Standard scale 5-string Bs. Wish mine had strings-through body like yours, makes it easier to find strings
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  8. jpeeze


    Jan 17, 2008
    Thanks for the compliment!!
    You would think it would have sold by now with all the options it was for tone. I guess people are scared of the B string. I tune in flats and the be string is no problem at all.
  9. tonedeaf

    tonedeaf Supporting Member

    I'm interested - need to wait until at least Monday to see if I still have a house to keep it in.
  10. Tonedeaf I am in Florida too. Hope you and your loved ones stay safe!
  11. jpeeze


    Jan 17, 2008
    Praying you all come out fine.
    I'm on the Ms gulf coast. I lost everything but my bass when Katrina came through.