Cliff Burton bass solo cover (Metallica live on the Green 1985). BASS SOLOS-3.

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    Jun 29, 2018

    Cliff Burton bass solo cover (Metallica live on the Green 1985).
    I've covered the live bass solo by Cliff Burton (live on the Green, 31th August, 1985). Comment any other solos that you want me to cover.
    This solo was player before the great song ┬┤For Whom the Bell Tolls`. That Metallica's song was part of the Ride the Lightning album (released on 27th July 1984). It was inspired by the equally titled Ernerst's Hemingway novel. The book, like the song, is about the spanish civil war. For more information about the song, I let you here the lik of my attempt at that song, where I explain it:
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