Cliff Williams of AC/DC needs way more credit for his bass playing

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  1. Hi there, I am a huge fan of AC/DC and Cliff Williams, and I think that he needs way more credit for what he does/did. People need to stop discarding him because of his basslines, apparently they are too "boring". Ok yes, they are pretty simple, but there are other things to him. Forget for a minute that most AC/DC basslines are about holding groove, in some ways they are, but people need to realise that Cliff has great stamina and control in his picking hand. Almost always uses downstrokes. Another reason why he is great is his ability to use palm muting along with ghost notes to help make the bass sit in the mix and to help give AC/DC their signiture sound IMO that he has used for the past 25-30 years. Listen to some of his isolated bass tracks on youtube of him playing live at Donington, then you'll see what I mean. Also, he has been part of one of the best and tightest rhythm sections in rock for the last 40 years. Him, Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd. I like to refer to them as the atomic clock, because they are so bang on and in time with one and other.

    Thanks for reading, Daniel
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  2. You are definitely right. But, he has a lot of supporters here on TalkBass. Try a search of his name and you’ll see them.
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  3. Thanks, I will check them out.

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    Recently I was going through their old catalog & TBH I preferred Mark Evans' work. It's odd though, after Bon's death, Cliff's arrangements actually seemed to improve.
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  5. There ya go. Mark Evans, another great bass player who not only is underrated, but forgotten
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  6. I think Mark is currently playing in Rose Tattoo.
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