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clip light question.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by DeeDeeEntwistle, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Ive been a bass player for a little while, but i was never good with the tech stuff.

    I just got the acoustic 200 head with the 250 1x15 cab about a week ago. I set everything according to the manual and turned up the highs just a little bit more and am very much happy with the tone i'm getting.

    But, when i get the gain up to about half way the clip light comes on. We practiced for the first time with it and it seemed to come on much more often and sometimes without even having the gain up anymore then when i practice alone.

    im a complete technology dufus but i thought with the head rated at 200 and the cab rated at 250 that they would easily be able to handle one another.

    i will eventually have another 1x15 cab to go with it but dont have the cash right now.

  2. bongomania

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    As with most amps, the clip light on the Acoustic head indicates when your bass's signal is clipping the input stage of the preamp, and has nothing to do with the volume level of the amp, or anything at all with the cab or the wattage ratings.

    If the amp sounds bad to you when the clip light comes on, then back off on the input gain (or turn down your bass), and turn up the master volume of the amp. If you don't hear anything bad, or if the distortion sounds good to you, then ignore the clip light.
  3. You are overloading the preamp.

    Back off of the preamp level, and increase the volume knob
  4. When you fire up your rig you should turn the master and gain down, turn up your bass volume to playing level, turn up the gain on the amp a little & play hard while you adjust the gain until you just see it start to clip. Back it off just a touch - and you should be good to go with your gain. The rest is master volume and EQing.

    Also - if you have an active bass, you need to make sure you plug into the active input on the Acoustic. It's padded a little to buffer the higher input of an active bass.
  5. thanks guys,

    the sounds no different when the light comes on, just comes on as the note is hit then goes off.

    thanks for all the help guys.
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