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Clip: OD/Distortion in a band

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by c-ba55, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. I listened to a lot of clips of people playing their bass through distortion pedals, but didn't find too many in context. So here are some I made recently. I had been using the MXR M-80 the last few years, but I started to feel it was too kraang-kraang for me. And I wanted more dzurrzzh. I narrowed it down to either the Catalinbread SFT or the Xotic BB. I was recently able to get the SFT here for a good enough price. Haven't seen a BB yet. My first impression of the SFT was that it is an amp simulator. It really made my nice hi-fi modern rig sound old and muffled! But I found a setting I liked and tried it at practice, where we always record. I kind of felt like maybe it was making me disappear a little bit in the mix. It is a saturation tone filling the sound from within with distortion, whereas the MXR is kind of a buzzing noise on top of the clean. Saturation is more pleasant on its own, but I wasn't sold while we were playing. Listening to the recordings, I think I am still present enough, and I like the sound much more than the MXR for this application. I am still kind of curious about the BB though, since I think it might be somewhat more modern take on the SFT, and allow higher gain / more cut without just browning everything out (as the SFT would if I turned it up more).

    I never used soundcloud before, so hopefully this works as a link. Let me know if not and I will find another way to post it.
  2. Mark Olson

    Mark Olson Banned

    Mar 19, 2008
    I don't know, I thought you sounded more present with the SFT than with the clean tone, at least through my speakers and with my ears. I also will say I preferred your sound with the SFT best. I would still try that BB though if I were you, those are great as well. Cool band! Sounds like fun to play.
  3. dannybuoy


    Aug 3, 2005
    Here's what I recorded using my BB, the first jam I did with my new band a few weeks ago. Yamaha BB415 -> BB Preamp -> Fender Rumble 150 combo, recorded with a Zoom H2. There's also a bit of Wilson Freaker wah in there somewhere.


    I have the SFT also and I find it a lot more muffled and smoother than the BB. I prefer the BB for agressive rock tone and the SFT for the old school motown sound.
  4. Wow Danny, that is incredibly helpful. Thank you very much. Where do you have the gain set in that clip?
  5. dannybuoy


    Aug 3, 2005
    Pretty low, somewhere between 10 and 11 o'clock.
  6. kaputsport


    Nov 14, 2007
    Carlisle, PA
    Atypical, not a typical...
    Check out my signature. I used Dirty in "Mystery"
  7. Kaputsport, nice sound. What pedal is that? Your profile lists a lot! I am also playing a Rapture by the way. Great bass.
  8. DONZI97


    Dec 24, 2008
    Algonac Michigan
    That sounds Awesome. Is that your Pbass in your profile? And how does those two pedals compare with VT?
  9. dannybuoy


    Aug 3, 2005
    It's a Yamaha BB415 with both P+J pickups on together. All 3 pedals are very different and excel at different things. SFT for smooth furry tube amp like drive, BB for a throaty roar, and VT is just... the VT.

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